Australian Embassy
Italy, San Marino, Albania, Libya

Requirements to apply for a full validity passport using a PC8 form

All Australian citizens must lodge their passport application in person. Please call our office for an appointment (Tel. 06852721 / Monday to Friday: 9.00 / 14.30). Minors who are 16 or 17 years old must attend with a parent.


1. You may complete an application form online at or request one from the Australian Embassy. NOTE: Adult applicants who have a current Australian Passport or one which has expired in the last 36 months may be eligible to use the (PC7) application form. Contact the Embassy or visit for more information.

2. Please use a BLACK PEN and print in BLOCK LETTERS within the boxes when completing the application.


3. All certificates must be ORIGINALS not photocopies. Italian certificates (birth, marriage, death etc) must have an official English translation.


4. "Declaration by Guarantor" (section 11) must be completed and signed by a person who is either an Australian passport holder OR is one of a group of professionals. E.g.: doctor, solicitor, priest, public servant, police officer, teacher, chartered accountant etc. with minimum 5 years’ service and who has known the applicant for at least 12 months. Call our office for a complete list of guarantors. Guarantors with an Australian passport do not need to belong to a group of professionals and should complete Section 11 A of the application form. Guarantors cannot be related to the applicant.


5. Check page 4 of the application form for information on photographs. You must have a neutral expression: DO NOT smile or show teeth while having the photos taken. One of the photographs must be endorsed by the guarantor who completed section 12 of the form. Photos taken in photo booths are not acceptable.


6. Proof of Australian citizenship:

a) Full Birth Certificate issued by the Registrar of Births Deaths and Marriages for applicants born in Australia. Commemorative birth certificates are not acceptable. If born after 20/8/1986 you will also need to provide a previous passport issued after 01/01/2000 or proof that one of your parents was an Australian citizen at the time of the applicant’s birth.


b) Australian citizenship certificate for applicants born outside of Australia. If your citizenship certificate does not detail sex, date and place of birth, you must also provide your original birth certificate. If you were born in Italy, you should ask for “estratto di nascita con generalita`” accompanied by an English official translation.


7. Bring the Australian passport you are replacing.


8. A Marriage certificate or Change of Name certificate issued by the Registrar of Births Deaths and Marriages is required for women who choose to apply in their married name for the first time or wish to return to their maiden name. Please note that it will be necessary to legalise your marriage certificate if it was issued outside of Australia. We recommend that you contact the Embassy for further instructions.


9. Provide 2 original identification documents. For example, one from each list below would be suitable:

a) Driver's licence OR government issued identity card OR permesso di soggiorno

b) Codice Fiscale OR foreign passport OR government health card OR bank card.

In the case of minors, one document bearing signature, photo and residential address is required from each parent.


10. Passport applications lodged overseas will incur an Overseas Surcharge: A$132 for adult applications and A$64 for child applications. The fee does not apply to emergency passport applications. The Australian Embassy in Rome will accept payments by credit or debit card only. It will no longer be possible to make payments using cash. All credit and debit cards, with the exclusion of American Express will be accepted. Courier delivery fee: Euro 16.00.

August 2020

Adult  (valid 10 years)

Senior (optional - valid 5 years)

Minor under 16 years old (valid 5 years)

Minor 16 or 17 years old (valid 10 years)

 Ordinary Passport

257 €

169 €

128 €

216 €