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FAQs  - Travel to Australia, Vaccination, Green Passes and Vaccination Certificates

Travelling to Australia

What are Australia’s re-entry and quarantine measures?


Do I need a COVID-19 test before I travel to Australia?


Vaccines and vaccine access


Will I be able to register the vaccine I received when I was overseas into the Australian Immunisation Register?


Where do I find information about Australia’s vaccination program?


Where can I find information about Italy’s vaccination plan?


Can Australian citizens in Italy obtain a COVID-19 vaccine through the Italian vaccination program?


Residents of Italy: 

  • If you are not already registered in the Italian health system, contact your closest Health Office (ASL - Azienda Sanitaria Locale) to register and book a vaccination. 
  • Each region is managing bookings online and has a booking/information telephone number. Visit the website of your region’s health department for more information on making your booking.


Non-residents and those not registered in the Italian health system:  

  • Contact your region’s  vaccination health information and booking line. For example, for Lazio visit here  or call 06 99 500 or 06 164 161 841; for Lombardy visit here call 800 89 45 45.
  • Monitor the website and social media of your nearest ASL (local health office) and your region's website. Look out for information on vaccination events and open days  for foreigners in Italy and those not registered in the Italian health system and do not have an Italian health card (‘tessera sanitaria’). 
  • This link may also assist accessing COVID-19 vaccines in Lazio for those without Italian documentation.

COVID-19 Green Certificate Scheme

Italy issues COVID-19 vaccination certificates and accepts COVID-19 vaccination certificates issued by other EU member states under the EU Digital Certificate Scheme.

  • The Italian Digital COVID-19 certificate obtained after being vaccinated against COVID-19 or after recovering from COVID-19 is known as a ‘Super’ Green Pass.
  • The Italian Digital COVID-19 certificate obtained after testing negative to COVID-19 is known as a ‘Base’ Green Pass.

From 1 May 2022 Green Passes are no longer required except for visits to hospitals and nursing homes (for which a 'Super' Green Pass will be required until the end of 2022).


What to do if you don't have a 'Super' Green pass?

Italy recognises Australian vaccination certificates as equivalent to 'Super' Green Passes (Italian decree pdf 507KB).

The Australian Embassy in Rome has prepared a letter (in English and Italian) that may assist with confirming that Australia's vaccination certificates are recognised as equivalent to 'Super' Green Passes in Italy – available here (PDF).


Residents of Italy or those enrolled in the Italian health system:  

  • If you were vaccinated outside of Italy – follow the process from the Minister of Health’s circular of 4 August 2021 outlined in the FAQs at FAQ - Certificazione verde COVID-19 ( to access a green pass.  Your local doctor or ASL office can provide advice about if they are able to insert the details of the vaccination into the local system for you.  As an example, you may check the information provided by Lazio’s ASL Roma 1.
  • If you have been unable to get the green pass and you believe you meet the criteria, please contact [email protected] or 800 91 24 91. We recommend you carry the vaccination certificate or proof from the country where you were vaccinated. 
  • If you urgently need an Italian EU green pass with QR code you can obtain a green pass by getting a swab test with negative result.  Home - Certificazione verde COVID-19 (


Can I access healthcare in Italy as a tourist or short term visitor?

  • Under the bilateral health care agreement between Australia and Italy, Australian citizens who are visiting Italy as tourists may receive emergency health care for up to six months.

For more information:

Bilateral health agreement

Assistenza ai cittadini dei Paesi extra UE in Italia (

An example of information and assistance that your local Health Office (ASL - Azienda Sanitaria Locale)  can provide about services and joining the health system from ASL 2 in Rome is at